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National Orchid Garden at Central Core

August 30, 2011

Vip Orchid Garden

The orchid breeding programme of the Singapore Botanic Gardens was initiated by Prof. Eric Holttum in 1928. The outstanding hybrids from this programme established the reputation of the Gardens’ orchid programme.

As Singapore orchids gained fame, it became obvious that they should be used as agents to promote goodwill and foster closer ties between nations. From 1957 the Singapore Government began to honour State Visitors and other VIPs by naming selected orchid hybrids after them. This prized collection of “VIP Orchids” has become an important attraction of the National Orchid Garden.

To date, the Gardens has named over 100 VIP orchids. The first VIP orchid was Aranthera Anne Black in 1956, after Lady Black, wife of a former Governor of Singapore, Sir Robert Black. Other VIP orchids on display include Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher, Renantanda Akihito, Dendrobium Masako Kotaishi Hidenka, Dendrobium Asean Beauty, Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana and Vandaenopsis Nelson Mandela.


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