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Sculptures at Tanglin Core

August 30, 2011

Garden sculptures enhance the beauty and interest of the Gardens. Sculptures nestled in the Gardens include three Sydney Harpley bronzes – the carefree Girl on a Bicycle freewheeling down the spiral hedge, the demure Girl on a Swing clad in the local sarong kebaya and the sultry Girl on a Hammock reclining discretely beneath the shade of a variegated Indian coral tree. Dominic Benhura’s Swing Me Mama brings exuberant movement to solid Zimbabwe stone.

Girl on a Swing, Girl on a Bicycle, Lady on a Hammock
These 3 bronze figurative sculptures by the British sculptor Sydney Harpley were gifts to the Gardens by former Singapore’s Ambassador to France, Spain and Portugal, Mr David Marshall. These bronze masterpieces symbolise youth and the fun of living and are dedicated to the children of Singapore.

Girl on a Bicycle

The Girl on a Bicycle (1987) has the same carefree spirit as the Girl on a Swing. With her legs lifted free of the pedals in joyful abandon, she wheels down the path of a spiraling hedge.

Lady on a Hammock

The Lady on a Hammock (1989), the third of the sculptures commissioned by Mr David Marshall depicts a sultry maiden reclining in a hammock.

Girl on a Swing

For this life-sized cast-bronze Girl on a Swing (1984), the sculptor used a local model dressed in the traditional sarong kebaya. The figure is so mounted as to give the impression of swinging out in mid-air over a bed of brightly-coloured flowering shrubs, creating overall an effect of great zest and freedom of movement.

Swing Me Mama

Swing Me Mama was sculpted by Dominic Benhura in 1995 using serpentine (spring stone). His inspiration for the sculpture sprung when he was swinging his kids.

In July 2005, “Joy” arrived in the Gardens. It is a sculpture in bronze about 2.1m tall. A stylized nude of a mother holding her child high in the air, “Joy” celebrates love, life and laughter.

The sculpture has been donated by a member of the public who wishes to remain anonymous. “Joy” is displayed on Lawn H, overlooking Swan Lake.


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