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Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad House at National Orchid Gardens in Central Core

August 30, 2011

Through the generous sponsorship of Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice, this unique collection of bromeliads on display was acquired from Shelldance Nursery in the United States in 1994. This collection consists of 23 genera, 320 species and about 520 taxa (cultivars, varieties and hybrids)

‘Bromeliad’ is the English common name referring to a member of the family Bromeliaceae. The pineapple is a well-known bromeliad which was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

The origin of the name ‘bromeliad’ was attributed to French explorer-priest Charles Plumier. He chose the name Bromelia in honour of Swedish botanist Olaf Bromel for a plant he encountered while exploring the Caribbean region.

Except for one species (Pitcairnia feliciana) which occurs in the Guinea region of West Africa, all bromeliads are distributed in tropical and warm regions of the Americas.

Bromeliads grow at elevations ranging from sea level to over 4,000m. Some species can withstand temperatures near freezing while others can survive on hot sands and blistering rocks in desert regions.


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